Winnipeg, 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s Traffic Sign Recognition Ensures Smooth Travels

March 3,2021

No one wants to deal with law enforcement when out on a Sunday drive—and you certainly don’t want to find yourself in a fender-bender due to inappropriate driving. And since speed limits and road rules can at times be unclear and confusing, Alfa Romeo has introduced Traffic Sign Recognition to the 2020 Stelvio. If equipped, the Stelvio’s Traffic Sign Recognition System utilizes a windshield-mounted camera to pick up road signs as you drive throughout Canada. It will observe Speed Limit and No Passing posted alerts, among other stipulations, as you proceed on your route. These notices will then display conveniently on your instrument cluster display to help ensure you miss nothing of note. Smart! The Traffic Sign Recognition System may only operate properly when the windshield is free of debris and precipitation. If a speed limit is not detected by the camera, the system may choose to recommend an unregulated limit in its place. Overall, the technology can be toggled on/off via the radio system’s “Driver Assistance” menu.
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