Winnipeg, 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s Intelligent Speed Control Improves Your Daily Drive

September 20,2021

Alfa Romeo is working to stay at the forefront of emerging safety technologies with its savvy integration of Intelligent Speed Control into the 2020 Stelvio. Intelligent Speed Control, part of the available Active Driver Assistance Package, works in tandem with Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Sign Recognition to suggest automatic speed adjustments. These suggestions are based upon both the speed you’re travelling at as well as the actual limit on the road you occupy. If you’re out of sync with what the law prescribes, an icon will light up in the instrument cluster display as a warning. You’ll then have the option to accept or reject the speed suggestion via the Res/Set switch on the steering wheel. It’s that simple! Notably, this safety technology can be swiftly switched off via the “Driver Assistance” menu in the 2020 Stelvio’s radio system under the “Intelligent Speed Control” listing. Additionally, the SUV automatically deactivates the technology when either Adaptive Cruise Control or Traffic Sign Recognition is flipped off. Ready to discover more? Contact us at Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today.