Roadside Emergency: Are You Prepared?

November 23,2023

Our team at Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg aims to provide customers with valuable advice that will serve them well long after they’ve purchased a member of our Alfa Romeo inventory with the help of our Finance Centre. If ever you’re in a roadside jam, you’ll need to know what course of action to take to get yourself out of it, whether you have roadside insurance or not. Find out how to work your way back from a roadside setback below, whether a dead battery, flat tire, or empty tank.

Roadside Dead Battery

A variety of factors and oversights can leave you with a dead battery, and you certainly won’t want to be stuck with one in the dead of a Winnipeg winter. Jump-starting your vehicle can get you back on the road in short order, which is why we recommend keeping a jumper cable kit in your Alfa Romeo, as well as a work light in case your battery dies at night.

Roadside Flat Tire

You can’t control your driving conditions, and since any number of obstacles could saddle you with a flat tire, it’s important to check your spare tire’s pressure periodically. If ever you need to swap out a flat for your spare tire, remember to make sure your body is at a safe distance from the edge of the road. We also suggest you keep a hands-free work light on hand in case you have to change tires after sundown.