2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Embraces Safety In Winnipeg

July 20,2021

No longer fear the unfamiliar. The 2021 Stelvio Ti delivers a suite of advanced safety features to Canada – with Alfa Romeo emphasizing automated responses on the trails and city streets alike. Anchoring this high-performance SUV is Blind Spot Assist. This function scans the surrounding environment, automatically detecting approaching obstacles. It then releases LED signals in the corresponding side-view mirrors to alert drivers to potential concerns, as well as increases steering wheel resistance to lessen the chance of a sudden lane change. Traffic Sign Recognition complements this by monitoring speed patterns, recognizing when a new cruise setting is needed; while the Highway Assist System seamlessly adjusts acceleration and braking functions (adapting to changing road patterns in real-time). Further bolstering the Ti’s capabilities is the Lane Keep Assist function. A forward-mounted camera assesses both vehicle and road marker positions – automatically detecting when the Stelvio drifts from a centred trajectory. Brake drag is then applied to correct alignment and audio alerts are provided to the driver.
These functions promote confident handling on every terrain – with the 2021 Stelvio Ti adapting to changing conditions with ease. To learn more contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today.