2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Yields Superior Streaming In Winnipeg

January 3,2022

Struggle no more with weak radio signals and inconsistent connections. The 2021 Giulia assures seamless syncing on even the most distant backroads – with its Apple CarPlay technology allowing drivers to engage with their favourite media options. Alfa Romeo ensures that entertainment is both constant and easy.Centred in the new Giulia is an 8.8-inch touchscreen. This console – which boasts both high-resolution colours and a horizontal display, assuring quick widget navigation – offers Apple CarPlay compatibility. Simply activate the SIRI function on an iPhone device, connect an approved USB cable to the integrated port, and select the ALLOW button when prompted on the display. This will enable instant media syncing and provide access to:Voice-Activated Commands – discover hands-free control in the Giulia, utilizing natural-based instructions to open text messages, dial phone numbers, and select widgets. Music – access content from Apple Music; create custom playlists from stored files; or open apps (such as Pandora) to stream. Navigation – use the Apple Maps function to improve each journey, utilizing turn-by-turn commands and real-time updates for nearby restaurants, attractions, and more. The 2021 Giulia allows drivers to interface with the smartphone content, assuring a more seamless highway experience. To learn more about the Apple CarPlay system contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today.