2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Upgrades Safety Tech In Winnipeg

May 10,2022

Confidently manoeuvre through every environment with help from the 2021 Giulia Ti. Visit Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today and discover this luxury sedan’s available safety upgrades – all of which deliver automated support to drivers. Struggle no more with rough roads. The new Giulia Ti offers precise performance – with its suite of safety features elevating driver control. High-beam headlamps provide wide-angle visibility, while an infrared windshield pairs with auto-dimming mirrors to lessen the glare from passing vehicles. Lane-keeping technology enables smooth trajectories, instantly detecting a sudden misalignment; blind spot monitoring notes approaching obstacles; and traffic sign recognition software monitors changes in speed, alerting operators when they need to reduce their acceleration.Adaptive Cruise Control further improves performance – using digital sensors to monitor both traffic patterns and driver speed. Should a change (such as a front-facing car suddenly coming to a stop) occur, the system can automatically regulate the brakes, steering, and accelerator to minimize the chance of impact. This provides drivers with the real-time support they need to achieve a safer ride.Want to learn more about the new Giulia Ti and its available safety features? Contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today for further information – and don’t hesitate to request a test-drive with our team at your earliest convenience.