2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Offers Q4 Power To Winnipeg

November 10,2021

The weather proves ever-changeable; the streets refuse to cooperate; and trying to endure the slow shift from winter to spring leaves even the most accomplished commuter frustrated. The season spits out sleet and sun in equal measure.This is why Alfa Romeo suggests sliding into its 2021 Giulia – which boasts Q4 AWD performance.Anchoring the new Giulia is the Q4 All-Wheel-Drive system. This function blends the rugged adaptability of an AWD with the everyday functionality of a RWD – enabling operators to seamlessly adjust to changing conditions. When roads are clear the system directs 100% of engine torque to the rear axle, allowing the platform to smoothly manoeuvre around curves and corners. Traction remains steady, and grippage can easily accommodate the environment. When the roads are less than ideal – such as when inclines suddenly change or weather patterns undermine tire performance – the system will respond immediately, transferring up to 60% of torque to the front axle. This assures a balanced ride, and it helps to optimize grip (while simultaneously decreasing unwanted wheel-slip).The Q4 system affords superior control in Canada, allowing Giulia drivers to maximize their experiences on the highway and backroads alike. Curious about the new Giulia and its available Q4 mode? Contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today to request additional information.