2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Offers Automated Assistance To Drivers

February 20,2022

Long nights, early commutes – you spend your days on the road. The stop-and-go grind demands your full attention, even as it slowly wears you down; and too often do you find yourself battling tired eyes and sluggish responses.Alfa Romeo suggests taking a break.Anchoring the 2021 Giulia is the Driver Attention Alert System. This function is intended to assess operator behaviour – automatically sensing when fatigue has set in and helping to ensure a collision doesn’t occur.One: the system tracks performance, noting both speed patterns (between 40 MPH and 110 MPH) and lane trajectory.Two: the system monitors time spent behind the wheel. As the hours increase, there may be a sudden spike in careless driving (such as veering into the wrong lane or applying improper brake pressure). All incidents are analyzed and compared against an operator’s typical behaviours. Three: if a concern arises the system will then release a series of audio alerts, as well as flash a coffee cup icon across the instrument display cluster. It will suggest that the driver Take A Break!. Through these warnings the Driver Attention Alert System ensures that the operator is aware of his less-than-precise performance – and it affords enough time to respond accordingly. Safety is assured.To learn more about this and other tech features for the 2021 Giulia contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today.