2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Offers Android Auto Tech In Winnipeg

January 20,2022

Easily engage with your favourite content – taking advantage of the 2021 Giulia and its Android Auto technology. To ensure that drivers can quickly access search functions and music files alike, Alfa Romeo has fused this sedan with premium compatibility; and the result is an intuitive digital experience. To activate the Android Auto function operators must first:Download the Android Auto app (do this through the Google Play store to ensure authenticity). Connect a compatible Android device to the media console via the USB port.Approve all app requests that are displayed on the 8.8-inch touchscreen to grant connectivity permissions. Once these steps are completed the Giulia will immediately open Android content – and this allows drivers to seamlessly interface with custom widgets. Select playlists (including ones curated from YouTube); have text messages read aloud; and stream real-time directions from Google Maps. All applications are displayed on the horizontally-focused touchscreen, which assures quick searches and easy swipe-touch performance; while a standard 180-watt audio system maximizes every program, delivering rich stereo resonance. The 2021 Giulia affords instant access to all Google content. To learn more about its Android Auto system – or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available sedans – contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today.