2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Delivers Turbocharged Performance To Winnipeg

November 3,2021

Too often is the sedan market dominated by mild performance. Engines fail to thrill, and high-speeds are forgotten. Every Canadian commute is met with polite outputs that leave much to be desired. Alfa Romeo now seeks to change that.With the introduction of the 2021 Giulia, Alfa Romeo is injecting nimble capability into every day – pushing its 2.0L inline-four engine to the limits. This 16-valve block yields an impressive 280 HP and 306 lb.-ft of torque; while its seamless eight-speed automatic transmission proves the perfect complement, utilizing lock-up clutch functionality to optimize each rev. Direct-injection tech affords superior resource control; and an integrated turbocharger delivers robust power. To accommodate the 2021 Giulia’s dynamic performance, Alfa Romeo has crafted the SOHC block (and its cylinder heads) from aluminum – assuring superior heat conduction and durability. This luxury sport sedan is engineered to excite, allowing drivers to take full advantage of its 0 to 60 mph rating of 5.1 seconds. No longer compromise in Canada.Want to experience highway thrills? Contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today to learn more about the new Giulia (including available financing opportunities) – and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive with our team at your earliest convenience.