2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Traffic Tech To Winnipeg

February 20,2020

It’s an unfamiliar stretch of road, with you unaware of its twists, turns, and traffic demands – and, during a late-night adventure, it proves all too easy to miss a speed sign. You tentatively press the brake, worried that you’re going too fast. Allow the new Stelvio to ease your concerns. Available on the 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the Traffic Sign Recognition system. This autonomous function continually scans the roads, utilizing front-mounted sensors and an integrated map database to identify speed-limit postings. When a change in acceleration is needed, it will then send an alert to the driver – recommending that he or she adjust their cruising rates. This helps to eliminate the frustration of navigating on unfamiliar highways, byways, and backroads. To further improve traveling through Canada, the new Stelvio offers an Adaptive Cruise function – which allows drivers to create a pre-set acceleration ratio that can seamlessly adjust to traffic patterns through automated braking and distance control. When paired with the Traffic Sign Recognition system, this assures real-time responses to changing conditions. Navigating new terrains proves more efficient. Take a ride in the 2020 Stelvio today. Schedule a test-drive with Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg at your earliest convenience.