2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Offers Driver Attention Alerts To Winnipeg, MB

June 3,2019

The hours blur together – a series of immeasurable seconds and tired minutes. This has been your longest journey yet… and it’s beginning to take a toll. Your eyes feel heavy; your fingers are sluggish; and maintaining control of your vehicle proves far more difficult than it did this morning. The 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio urges you to take a break. With the release of the 2020 Stelvio Alfa Romeo is delivering Driver Attention Alerts to Canada – affording automated support and improved control. This luxury SUV will learn to recognize behaviours behind the wheel, studying lane crossings, measuring acceleration patterns, and tracking the amount of time spent at speeds between 60 km/h to 100 km/h. Through this it can identify potential fatigue – releasing both a chiming sound and a visual cue (in the form of a flashing red coffee cup in the instrument panel). This will suggest that the operator take a break in his travels, thereby helping to reduce the chance of impaired driving. The 2020 Stelvio seeks to deliver safer experience to Canada. To learn how to take advantage of its Driver Attention Alerts contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg.