2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Stays Inside the Lines in Winnipeg, MB

July 10,2020

Bi-xenon headlamps, dual chrome exhaust tips, and a striking front fascia are only a few of the performance enhancing features on the 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia. In fact, some of the most advanced tools outside this luxury sport sedan go completely unnoticed by passersby. Using high-tech sensors mounted on the sides and back of the Giulia, the Blind Spot Detection feature keeps an eye on surrounding traffic, which may be outside your field of vision. If the system detects that another vehicle is approaching too quickly, it will alert the driver by flashing an LED light on the relevant exterior mirror. The Alfa Romeo will also provide audio and visual warnings inside the cabin via the 8-speaker stereo, 22.4 cm touchscreen, and 17.8 cm in-cluster display. Additionally, a camera mounted on the rearview mirror of the Giulia monitors road markings on either side of the car. Should the vehicle waver over the lines, the Lane Keep Assist system will notify the driver and can take control steering and braking to realign the vehicle. When used in tandem with Blind Spot Detection, this function promotes safer commutes in Canada. Check out some of the 2020 Giulia’s other safety features in person at Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg. Get in touch with our team today.