2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Brings Q4 All-Wheel Drive to Winnipeg, MB

September 3,2020

Since 1962 the makers of the Alfa Romeo Giulia have been meticulously refining the car’s technology to enhance its already stellar performance. For the 2020 Quadrifoglio model, this is showcased in the available Q4 All-Wheel Drive system. When traversing dry city and suburban roads, the sedan behaves like an RWD vehicle, sending 100% of its torque (max 443 lb-ft) to the rear wheels. This ensures a balanced weight distribution, even when making a sharp last-second turn downtown. But, when winter hits the Manitoba capital, it’s a different story. All Winnipeggers know that with the fluffy snowflakes come slippery streets. Fortunately, if you happen upon a patch of ice, the Q4 AWD system is ready to spring into action. Using the Active Transfer Case (ATC), the All-Wheel Drive can redirect up to 60% of the torque to the front axle. Stop-and-go traffic can also have its perils. Suppose you have to slam on the brakes to avoid a city bus. Again, the Giulia Quadrifoglio is there to save the day. Constantly monitoring driving conditions, the Q4 AWD will once more take over to improve steering and traction to help prevent a collision. Are you ready to put the 2020 Giulia Quadrifoglio’s versatile drivetrain to the test? Contact the team at Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg to schedule a visit.