2020 Alfa Romeo Brings Harman/Kardon Sound To Winnipeg, MB

May 3,2019

No backroad adventure proves complete without the perfect playlist – just as no luxury SUV will impress without an equally perfect sound system. This is why Alfa Romeo has paired the 2020 Stelvio with Harman/Kardon technology, allowing drivers to achieve maximum resonance while traveling through Canada. Available on the 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a premium sound system – with 14 Harman/Kardon speakers offered as an upgrade to the standard eight. Logic 7” technology bolsters every note, assuring crisp quality; while a 12-channel amplifier pairs with an integrated subwoofer to enhance bass-lines. The result is concert-worthy chords, with up to 900-watts of power generated. Compare this to the Stelvio’s leading competitor – the 2020 Volvo XC60. Though this platform also features a Harman/Kardon system, it fails to deliver the same hi-fi quality – generating only 600-watts of power and exchanging the smooth Logic 7” function for Unison Tuning. This results in a weaker audio experience. Ensure that every adventure is paired with dynamic sound quality. Let the new Stelvio’s Harman/Kardon system serve as the ultimate backroad companion. For further information about the Stelvio’s available audio option contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg.