2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Yields Driver-Focused Experience In Winnipeg

January 3,2021

Achieve optimal control over every rev – with the 2020 4C Spider delivering a driver-focused interior to Canada. Alfa Romeo has carefully designed this luxury ride, assuring that it can accommodate operator inputs with both speed and efficiency. Anchoring the 4C Spider’s cabin is the ThinFilm Transistor (TFT) system. This seven-inch display boasts full-colour graphics and real-time metric readings, allowing operators to instantly assess power-band performance (monitor diagnostics, safety system outputs, and more with ease). A sport-inspired steering wheel offers access to paddle shifters, enhancing transmission responses; while the Alfa DNA Pro Drive Mode Selector is perfectly positioned in the console to ensure quick gear parameter changes. Additionally, the 2020 4C Spider has been fitted with a remote entry system. This enables drivers to engage the locking mechanisms with greater speed, sparing them the frustration of traditional keys (a crucial advantage during cold days). Slide into the leather-draped cabin with ease. The 2020 4C Spider provides an intuitive cabin experience to drivers in Canada. To learn more about this luxury model – including available financing opportunities – contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today.