2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Thrills In Winnipeg

October 20,2020

Achieve full-throttle power in Canada, with the 2020 4C Spider delivering a responsive rear-wheel-drive. Alfa Romeo draws inspiration from its racing heritage, creating a turbocharged platform that can dominate straightaways and tight turns alike. Anchoring the new 4C Spider is a RWD. This system – which funnels power to the rear of the car, while allowing the front to focus on steerage – emphasizes precise handling, generating optimal friction around corners. The aluminum construction decreases overall weight (1,060-kg) to lessen engine strain; while the six-speed automatic twin-clutch transmission ensures seamless gear transitions. Paddle shifters further enhance control, enabling drivers to optimize each rev. The true value of the RWD, however, is its emphasis on acceleration. When operators press the pedal, weight is automatically shifted to the back of the 4C Spider – which increases traction and affords faster spin. This allows the platform to achieve a 0 to 60 MPH run of 4.1 seconds; and it also promises a top-speed ratio of 258 km/h. The entire drivetrain has been tailored for thrills. Curious about the 2020 4C Spider and its rear-wheel capabilities? Contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today to learn more.