2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Boasts Superior Economy In Winnipeg

December 10,2020

The sport market is no longer defined solely by speed. Instead the 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider delivers impressive economy to Canada Рwith its lightweight construction assuring up to 9.7 L/100km in the city and 6.9 L/100km on the highway. Achieve exceptional efficiency on every adventure… and leave the Audi competition behind. The 2020 4C Spider is crafted from both carbon fibre panels and aluminum sub-frames. These elements prove up to seven times lighter than traditional steel components, allowing the car to achieve a curb weight of 1,128-kg. Through this Рalong with the inclusion of sheet moulded compounds for the outer-body and an alloy-constructed engine Рa more efficient ride is achieved, with fewer pounds requiring less resources. There is no need to guzzle fuel. It can instead be sipped, with direct-injection technology able to effortlessly regulate distribution. The 2020 Audi TT, in comparison, offers no such value. Instead it earns only 10.3 L/100km in the city and 7.7 L/100km on the highway Рwith its higher curb weight (1,435-kg demanding an excess of resources to power).
Want to experience the best in two-seat efficiency? Contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg today to learn more about the 2020 4C Spider.