2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Boasts Advanced Suspension In Winnipeg

June 3,2021

Smooth acceleration is assured in Canada – thanks to the 2020 4C Spider and its MacPherson strut suspension. Alfa Romeo has meticulously crafted this system, ensuring that it can accommodate every performance demand. Sitting at the rear of the 2020 4C Spider is a MacPherson suspension. This strut system utilizes a shock absorber (complete with side-spring load) to minimize friction; while steel tubular control arms create seamless motion on the highway. This affords a refined experience, while simultaneously bolstering speed. Due to its light configuration – which is achieved through a hollow piston rod and aluminum knuckles – the 4C Spider’s suspension reduces overall curb weight (1,128-kg). This greatly improves the vehicle’s acceleration capabilities, lessening unsprung mass and allowing the engine to achieve peak performance output without the expected strain. Additionally, the strut configuration affords a lower profile, which helps to maintain aerodynamics. Through this the new 4C Spider can deliver up to 237 HP and 258 lb.-ft of torque – enabling drivers to dominate every turn.
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